Abortion : A First Trimester Essay

Abortion : A First Trimester Essay

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When one hears the word abortion, what comes to his mind? Does he think of pro-choice or pro-life? Do people really think it is okay to end a baby’s beating heart? Perhaps if more people knew the process of abortion, they would choose not to support the procedure. The steps of the abortion process are rather disturbing. There are four types of abortion: a first trimester/chemical abortion, a first trimester surgical abortion, a second trimester surgical abortion and a third trimester induced abortion.
During a first trimester abortion the mother swallows pills in order to terminate the pregnancy and can be used up to the tenth week of pregnancy. The first step is the mother taking mifepristone also known as RU-486. This blocks a hormone called progesterone, which stabilizes the uterus. When this hormone is blocked the lining of the uterus is broken down cutting off blood and nourishment to the baby causing him or her to die in the mother’s womb. The second step of this process is 48 hours after taking the RU-486 the mother takes misoprostol that can be taken orally or vaginally. Misoprostol and RU-4896 together cause severe cramping and bleeding that force the dead baby out of the mother’s womb. This is a very painful process and can last for several days. Eventually the baby will be stillborn into a toilet and the mother will flush it. If this abortion attempt fails, she will be offered a surgical abortion.
The second type of abortion is a first trimester surgical abortion. This is the most common and is used between the weeks five and thirteen of pregnancy. After giving the mother anesthesia, the doctor will place a tool called a speculum inside the vagina to open up the woman to see the entrance to her uterus (which stays c...

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... assure that the baby is dead. If the baby is not dead, he will then be injected with another lethal injection of digoxin. On day three, the mom comes to deliver her dead baby. If the process is not successful they will yet again tear the baby apart limb by limb. The abortion is then complete.
This process is used more and more each day. Abortion is truly heartbreaking. An innocent baby does not deserve a traumatic death. Opinions on this topic vary, but those who are pro-choice just may not know the severity of these different types of abortion. Some may even result in the mother dying. There are other options other an abortion for a baby. One is adoption. Some people may instantly fall in love with their baby but if they have an abortion they will never know. Abortion is not a recommended process. Babies are a miracle from God and never deserve to be aborted.

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