Essay on Abortion: A Difficult Choice

Essay on Abortion: A Difficult Choice

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On January 22, 1973, when abortion became legalized in the United States, America created the beginning of a “self-inflicted holocaust” (Franz, 2010, para. 5). Pro-choice activists have elected to argue their opinions on abortion based on their definition of life, the fact that it is the woman’s right to have a choice since it is her body, the safety of maintaining abortion’s legal status, and the economic strain it would put on a person(s). Pro life advocates can prove that it is no less than infanticide based on scientific research.
Part I: Thesis
America faces an epidemic of tragedy when there are doctors and nurses that are performing over 3,500 abortions daily totaling to over 50 million since the Supreme Court m¬¬ade it a constitutional right in the Roe v. Wade decision (, 2007). Abortion should be outlawed for the simple fact that it is murder. Not to mention, the harmful risks involved with the procedures and the fact that the major “non-profit” organization, Planned Parenthood, has made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits; many based on dismissing confirmed statutory rape cases (Bohon, n.d.).
When people are asked the question “Is abortion morally right,” they are basing their opinions and decisions not on the question itself, but on the inconsistencies that pertain to the question, such as “When is a life considered a life”. This would fall in line with A.J. Ayer’s beliefs that there are “not objective moral truths” (Waller, 2008).
Robert George, a professor at Princeton University and a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics, defines the embryo in its first minutes as a human possessing all the genetic makeup to be identified as a unique “Homo sapien”. Dr. George also stands to discard ...

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