Abort the Negatives of Abortion Essay examples

Abort the Negatives of Abortion Essay examples

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Walking into an abortion clinic can be scary and nerve racking. Abortion has been declared as having adverse effects on a woman’s psyche. Though nobody seems to focus on any of the positives, abortion is a life changing event in any woman’s life. When handled correctly not only are the effects positive, but can improve the view someone has on life. Every mind is different, there is not one pair of people that think and feel the same way. So categorizing abortion only as a negative is incorrect, because how can one fully understand how someone feels? One can not . Anne Speckhard did a study of 30 women volunteers, during this study there was little evidence showing severe psychological damage. Media has misguided society in believing that an abortion can lead to a devastating state of mind. In reality, abortion leads to a state of maturity, self- admiration, and well-being.
First maturity is measured in a variety of ways, knowing the difference between right and wrong is common. The line between right and wrong is a relative statement. Who decides what is right and what is wrong? The person making the decision decides, no one can tell another person what is right and what is wrong. When a person is faced with a life crisis the outcomes can vary, an abortion deals with a life crisis. A woman getting an abortion is a way of coping with a life crisis. After it is done they feel a sense of relief, a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders. There are not any feelings of regret because the woman has helped herself; she is dealing with a life crisis that without dealing with can affect her life immensely.
Additionally a characteristic of maturity is being able to detach oneself from the situation and imagine themselves in...

... middle of paper ...

...ot take it in negatively. One scenario with a baby, and one without. She can predict the outcomes of each scenario, and with that in mind an abortion seems ideal for her. It will help her achieve maturity, self-admiration, and well being.

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