Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Essay

Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Essay

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The purpose of the students’ research is to collate and analyse statistics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander living in NSW and the Penrith LGA. And in comparison the statistics with other cultural groups in the Penrith LGA, including the individuals who are accessing the service’s the student is currently undertaking.

1a. As stated in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the largest population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians lived in New South wales. The figures revealed 208,500 people. These figures are made up of 103 907 males and 104 569 females. The 2011 census furthermore stated that out of the total 198 920 persons identified as Aboriginal only, 5 723 identified as Torres Strait Islander only and 3 833 identified as both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. A total of 208 476 Indigenous Australians living in NSW as of last census data 2011.
The Penrith LGA figure presented the total population 5 388 the figure represents 2 634 Males and 2 754 Females. The Indigenous status states 5 188 identify as Aboriginal, 121 identify as Torres Strait Islander and 78 identify as both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. “Penrith is home to a significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community comprising 3% of all Penrith City residents, compared to the NSW composition of 2.5%”. (People and Culture,2016)

1b. In comparison, the statistics with other cultural groups in the Penrith LGA the ancestry’s’ top responses were the
• Australian 67 399 people
• English 58 475 people
• Irish 15 685 people
• Scottish 12 293 people
• Maltese 6 890 people

2. In relation to the students’ workplace, the research has stated some facts and figures about people who rely on food relief. The fact states that an estima...

... middle of paper ...

... all features of the workplace. This will affect the services that the workplace delivers to all people who could benefit from them as well as the treatment of staff and volunteers and develop and manage an increasingly diverse workforce.
For example, Hillsong CityCare aims to help people to move forward from difficult circumstances, by working with them to identify pathways that help deliver the outcomes they seek within CityCare or through the wider community. (CityCare, N.D.)

In conclusion, the research has provided statistics on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population in both NSW and the Penrith LGA. Which included the comparison of the statistics with other cultural groups in the Penrith LGA. It also identified some examples of cultural issues faced by CALD individuals within the local area and details of services that can support the individuals.

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