The Abolition Of The Missouri Compromise Essay

The Abolition Of The Missouri Compromise Essay

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In 1854, a new bill was introduced to give Nebraska and Kansas a provincial government. The new bill made many citizens declare that the Missouri Compromise was defective. In other words the people had a right to choose whether to include or exclude slavery within that territory of Nebraska or Kansas. Abraham Lincoln sought to repeal the compromise in the hopes to reveal the wrong in allowing slavery in Kansas and Nebraska territories. Lincoln detested the thought of how America was hypocritical in their stance for freedom and equal rights when slavery was partaken in their country. Similar to all problems in a country there is no easy solution, Lincoln admitted that he was tempted to free the slaves and send them back to Africa. The problem is the country had no money for that, and to free them as subordinates into the white society would prove to be unfair as well. To allow the slaves to be equals, politically and socially in society would nearly be unattainable as many would not agree to allow such an idea to present itself. The only excuse the slave-owners had for slavery is that it is based on necessity, and for too long has this excuse been tolerated and the problems of slavery been hidden away. To say men are created equal but saying that it is a right of self-government to enslave a man is hypocritical in every aspect. Lincoln, pointed out these two stances cannot stand as a whole, and the slowly dividing country needed to adopt what the Declaration of Independence truly stood for. That all men are created equal.
Many slaves sought freedom from slavery and fled their enslavement in the hopes to gain freedom. Sadly, freedom did not come to some who fled as that in the story of Garner, her husband, children and other fugit...

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...hern states and even the government parties were becoming divided on their stance with slavery. Lincoln sought to eventually abolish the practice, but the southern states disagreed against such actions. The south was becoming increasing angry, northern states refused to follow fugitive slave laws as stories such as Garner’s gripped the hearts of antislavery abolitionist in the north. Also violent attacks carried out by abolitionist such as John Brown only increased the alienation between the northern and southern states. The south was growing angry at the government and the northern states for going against for what they believed was their Constitutional rights. States such as South Carolina was tired of the government infringing on the rights granted to them in the Constitution. Finally they had enough and southern states declared to want separation from the Union.

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