Essay The Abolition Of Slavery During The 19th Century

Essay The Abolition Of Slavery During The 19th Century

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The implementation of slavery was seceded by a long road of politics used to both sustain and destroy it; but as we now know today those efforts to retain slavery were ultimately fruitless, ending the vicious injustice forever. The amount of dedication it took to create the bills, laws, and compromises to keep peace on both sides was great. Each side wanted a piece of the pie, and many were hopeful that the politics used would keep each side nourished; however, after studying many of the political schemes used during slavery in the 19th century, it is easy to see that most of these tactics were unsuccessful, and all different classes of people were not in agreement of the happenings that took place. The first ineffective political approach began with the Missouri Compromise, which ended up being repealed by other political tactics of the era.
One of the first legislations that began to shake slavery in America was known as the Missouri Compromise. The reason it would become so famous, is due to its role in being one of the beginnings of what would become a civil war in America. In the winter of 1819-1820, congress formed in an attempt to neutralize the powers of the northern and southern states. Because southerners were in a fight to win Missouri over as a slave state, Massachusetts presented the free state of Maine to douse the qualms that southerners would have an upper-hand in the senate by gaining Missouri. This legislation was not a simple one, and came with conditions, which were laid out by Senator Jesse Thomas of Illinois (Murrin, et al., 2011).
Senator Thomas created what is known as the Thomas Proviso; the conditions were as follows: if the North did comply and admit Missouri as a slave state, the South would uphold t...

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...n what should be done to give equality and justice to all.

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