Abnormal Behavior Of Eating Disorders Among Adolescents And Young Adults

Abnormal Behavior Of Eating Disorders Among Adolescents And Young Adults

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Abnormal behavior in eating disorders among adolescents and young adults are caused by unrealistic, distorted or irrational perceptions about themselves, others, or the environment (Eating disorders-penn state, 2011). Social media among the youth can also reflect back to these abnormal or cognitive distortions that are seen to be a probable cause for eating disorders. With the expansion of social media, young adults explore a new form of communication in a way to expand their knowledge over certain trends or insights. These trends or insights can also lead to numerous disastrous results on the distorted perception of the adolescent’s mind. Socio-cultural, biological, and cognitive factors will be furthered discussed in a manner that will detail how abnormal behavior and distorted views are being influenced and how eating disorders take part.
“Eating disorders are often described as an outward expression of internal emotional pain and confusion” (Eating Disorders, 2015). Those that attain this disorder start to behave in an obsessive manner, associating the amount of food they consume as the maladaptive manner to emotional distress. The individual’s mind distorts and they soon start believing that food is a way for them to take control due to having a negatively perceived self. Adolescents or young adults with Anorexia-nervosa are described to have a cognitively distorted perception of their body shape and weight. These individuals aim to attain weight loss to the point that can cause hospitalization due to a malnourished self. Another eating disorder that is explored into further context is Bulimia. Similar to Anorexia-nervosa, individual’s that have the disorder also have a distorted perception of their body shape and bra...

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...ge of oneself can also help build more confidence, and strength within the individual. Being able to ask for professional help is also essential, in order to not return to unhealthy eating habits (What are eating disorders?). Social media and television that played into the role of eating disorders can be something individuals have to fight against, and they have to further understand that their body size and shape does not only reflect who they are as individuals. With the awareness of what social media and television is reflecting upon adolescents and young adults, distorted views of the self would be prevented. As reviewed, socio-cultural, biological and cognitive factors were detailed into further context in order to identify what other underlying factors abnormal thinking and cognitive distortions eating disorders can create among adolescents and young adults.

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