The Ability Of Let Go Essay

The Ability Of Let Go Essay

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In the beginning of the semester, I turned in this paper titled “The Ability to Let Go”. This was a paper about my history as a writer and re-reading it today I would say that the execution of the paper is good, but not great, and I misspelled many words to the point where some of the sentences do not even make sense. I titled it “The Ability to Let Go” because I talked about how I never wrote papers or enjoyed turning them in due to the fact that I was most likely going to get a big fat “F”. Taking this course not only helped me see that I am a pretty decent writer, but it also has helped me get through my past and essentially letting go of the past.

When first receiving unit one essay, “How has the place you consider home changed over time, and what does this change mean for you,” it first brought back many memories, but none where about home. Many of the memories brought where those of being a bad writer, and trying to get these memories out of my head was hard. I freaked out because I knew that, either way, I was going to have to write this essay. College became very real, very fast for me, and I did not know if I was ready for this. I was slowly coming around to the thought of writing this essay after several pre-writing exercises. I believe that some of my best analysis came from my pre-writing exercises, as shown in a piece in my portfolio where I explain the meaning of my name. After learning how to analyze my surroundings and their meanings in my life, the unit one essay became easier to write, and turning in my essay felt good, which never was the case in the past. Positive and useful feedback also helped me during my writing process. Unit one essay went from three pages to four in just the first revision. Turning in m...

... middle of paper ... of big words, but the ability of the writer to answer the prompt and execute a thoughtful essay. This has helped me become a better student and essentially a better person because it has helped me stay on track or on task. As a student with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, school has been hard, but now knowing how to just give the right amount of deal to explain something helps me stay on track with my train of thoughts.
Therefore I can say that if I got to redo this course over again I would not change anything I did. My essay executions were great and really has improved. My grammar skills will always be under what I should be performing at because English is a weird and complicated language, coming from a person whose first language is Spanish. But overall my essays have improved and I could not be any happier than the effort I have put up in this course.

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