Abc Company 's Land Development Project Essay

Abc Company 's Land Development Project Essay

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Luke, an employee of ABC Company, is in charge of ABC Company’s land development project. It is planning on building an adult entertainment store on the land they recently purchase. Unfortunately, his brother, Owen, happens to live in the same area. Luke remembers Owen, once says, he wants to sell his house by accept the offer by real estate firm for an acceptable price compare to the market. However, he is debating whether he should sell it or waits for the real estate to rise. Luke realizes with the appearance of adult entertainment in the near future, the value of the surrounding neighborhood is likely going to drop significantly.
From here, an issue has been established. Luke has to face an ethical dilemma whether he decides to tell his brother about the adult entertainment project. If he discloses his company’s confidential information to his brother, he would violate his work ethics. On the other hand, if he refuses to share the information to his brother; his brother would suffer losses from selling the house in the future instead of the current market price.
Ethical Senses:
The Golden Rule: it states that one have to treat others as one want to be treated. For the rule to applicable, one must be highly ethical (GENB 4350 Online Lecture, Ethical Reasoning 1)
Virtue Ethics: Virtue Ethics suggests that one make decision using moral code and virtues that identify one’s character rather than application of one’s culture or external laws.
Analysis of Case:
Golden Rule approach: the rule suggests that one have to treat others as one want to be treated. It also means that Luke should put himself into his stakeholders’ position, ABC Company and Owen, before he makes any decision. If Luke looks at the ABC Company’...

... middle of paper ... information. The criticism in this approach is that Luke can only choose one and cannot be both. Whatever decision Luke makes, his relationship with the ABC Company’s management team or Owen might be damage.
Luke has to make a tough decision in this challenging situation. The Golden Rule wants Luke to treat others as he wants to be treats. On the other hand, Virtue Ethics along with his characteristics suggest him to a decision based on honesty and trustworthiness at the same moment. Through the discussion above, it would be best for Luke not to alert his brother, Owen, about ABC Company’s project. If Luke is Owen, he also wants Owen to alert him about the information because they are family members. However, if Luke decides not to disclose; he may will gains trust from his teammates and employer. This will make Luke a valuable asset of the company.

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