Abandonment Is Evident Where Stancy And Rex Essay

Abandonment Is Evident Where Stancy And Rex Essay

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The theme of abandonment is evident where Stancy and Rex meet two colleagues that they had earlier meet in the trial. Strayed seemed to be troubled throughout the journey at some point she felt abandoned. Although she faced many difficulties during the trial, she wanted to prove to her friends that she was the Amazon Queen. At one point, we are told that she strayed while hiking, but kept singing songs to kill boredom. She later came to realize that people were walking in pairs instead of walking alone as she had done earlier. She even feels guilty by accepting that she felt vulnerable, stupid, and lonely.
Vera also disclosed to Strayed that for a long while, Kyle had been living with her mother in the streets of London for quite some years. This shows that Kyle 's mother was a single mother who had been abandoned by her husband. This made Kyle 's mom take care of her son single-handedly until he became mature (Hornby and Strayed 36). Due to lack of parental love from his father, Kyle felt lonely because of lack of parental love from the father. Kyle is not free to disclose his loneliness to strangers as he pleads with Vera not to reveal his problems to strangers.
Strayed also admits that he too has more misfortunes as his father abandoned her mother as they separated while on trial. When Strayed met Sam and Hellen, They gave him gifts but later she regretted why she forgot to thank them because she was not sure if they would meet again in future. Deep in her thoughts, she kept on flashbacking on the pain that Kyle 's mother was abandoned by her husband. She was thinking about the difficulties that Kyle’s mother was facing in the process of making ends meet (Hornby and Strayed 41). She was sympathizing with Kyle 's parent as she w...

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...ted as the sole breadwinner of the family until he differed with Cheryl. “My mom had been dead a week when I kissed another man." At that, particular time is when he decided to withdraw his support from her family. His stepfather remarried again and started a new family with another woman hence ending the relationship that existed between them (Hornby and Strayed 129).
After divorce with her husband, she began dating several men and engaging in the irresponsible sexual behavior. This made her former husband drop his Ph.D. degree to concentrate on his Music career. At that time, his stepfather kept away from her and her siblings. After divorcing with her legal husband Paul, She later came to discover that she was pregnant and decided to terminate her pregnancy. During this time, her life was now beyond her control, and she could not do anything to change her character.

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