A Young Girl's Dangerous Quest for "Beauty"

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The year was 2011, in the midst of a summer hot enough to melt paint off your car. Everyday the sun sat perched in the infinite blanket of blue, ablaze in a glory of fire. Pools were filled and ice cream was served, each of these a desperate attempt to beat the heat. All of the people in Solano Beach, California, looked forward to this time of year. It was a chance for the local residents to show off the toned, slender bodies they worked so hard for after the holidays. Almost everyone walked around with pearly smiles on their faces, proud of their physical achievements. That is, everyone except Tamara Brook. Tamara wasn't one of those teenage girls who chased after shoe sales and spent weekends in boutiques at the mall. It wasn't because she didn't want to, but because she felt that she couldn't. All her life she had been subjected to people squeezing her cheeks and patting her belly, saying that she needed to "go on a diet," or "run around more." But Tamara was a very active kid, enrolled in soccer, softball, and karate. She made it a personal goal to work twice as hard as her teammates when running, kicking, and jumping, all with great force and zeal. But her size never seemed to decrease. She grew frustrated when her plans didn't go as desired. She never achieved the feminine, petite frames of her female peers and it angered her. When Tamara turned sixteen, she chose to take drastic measures. All of her girlfriends could fit into those dainty bikinis that she so desperately wanted to wear. She was tired of feeling ugly. Since her body wouldn't cooperate with her, she decided to force it to. Tamara rummaged through the medicine aisles in all the local stores, buying every weight loss pill she could get her hands on. Sh... ... middle of paper ... ...'t even have the strength to argue; she knew that her mother was aware of what was going on. "We could've went to the gym together," she continued. "Or your father and I could've set up a diet plan for you. This wasn't safe Tamara. Why did you choose this route? Why didn't you say something?" she asked tearfully. "I wanted to be pretty," Tamara mumbled. "I wanted to feel beautiful". Her mother looked at her. "Tamara you've always been beautiful. Being thin and wearing small clothes aren't what make up or define your beauty, sweetie. It is our hearts, our inner spirit that makes us beautiful," Lindsay explained with a small smile. Tamara honestly never considered that, and when she thought about it, her appearance wasn't worth losing her life. From that moment on, Tamara decided to exhibit her beauty from the inside out, whether she could fit into a bikini or not!

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