A Year Infested With Too Much Dj Khaled Essay

A Year Infested With Too Much Dj Khaled Essay

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In a year infested with too much DJ Khaled, a year blessed with two new Frank Ocean albums, a year exposed to Drake 's inner Caribbean side and a countless amount of other moments, I list my 10 favorite songs of the year so far.

2016 has been illustrious in many categories. Whether you want to talk sports, music, politics or whatever you care about, LeBron, Kanye West or Donald Trump or whatever other figure in pop culture you feel the need to discuss you can find a discussion for it wherever you turn.

When it comes down to music, it 's been one hell of a year. An infinite amount of sonic lore has been fed to us as each day goes by and 2016 isn 't even over yet. Before I delve into this list of bangers, ballads and perfection please note that there is a major barrier between what I classify as my favorites and as the best.

10. Freedom by Beyoncé (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

This song, let alone Lemonade as a whole, couldn 't have been released to the world at a better point in time than it did. The glimmer of hope that is preached by Beyoncé over this extremely glorious and powerful Just Blaze production along with the subject matter of black power provided by Kendrick Lamar make this not only one of the most important pieces of music of the year but in modern day memory as a whole thanks to its message of pride and, of course, freedom.
9. What The Fuck Right Now (Freestyle 4 Remix) By Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky

Tyler and Rocky 's friendship makes me extremely happy. Their natural mix of braggadocio and goofiness on the remix of one of my favorite songs on Ye 's Pablo, 'Freestyle 4 '. The addition of Flacko 's bodacious ad-libs thrown on the track from top to bottom along with Ye 's original line 'what the fuck right now? ...

... middle of paper ...

... song she covered that 's really dope"

"What 's the song called"


"Ok lol"

Yes, I was the one who didn 't know Currents was an album, an incredible one at that. Though this song did lead me to the discovery of the psychedelic Australian group, I have to admit I like Ri 's cover of the collective 's grand finale on Currents more than their own. Every single part of this song is amazing. There were days where I would solely listen to this and not even realize to the point where it might as well have become my theme song. I couldn 't be more appreciative of the fact that this song is an existing thing in this universe. Even Kevin Parker said it was a 'surreal experience ' when he heard the cover and that 's easily one of the coolest compliments ever. But then again, getting your song covered by one of the biggest stars in the whole world is just as cool.

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