A Year After The Death Of Okonkwo Essay

A Year After The Death Of Okonkwo Essay

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A year after the death of Okonkwo the Igbo’s way of life faces extinction, the rise of Christianity has destroyed the faith in the old gods of the tribe except for a devout few. Obierika, Ezinma, Ekwefi are the last members of the Igbo people dedicated to their Gods, resisting the molestation of their belief by the missionaries. Those devoted few left gathered around Okonkwo’s grave outside of his Obi to mourn for the loss of Okonkwo’s life, their culture, and the loss of Nwoye to the Christian faith. “Ezinma, Ekwefi, we have gathered here to mourn for Okonkwo: Ekwefi’s husband, Ezinma’s father, and my friend. And not only for this great man we mourn but for the loss of our kinsman as well” Obierika said briefly pausing to catch his breath. “Okonkwo was a proud man devoted to the Igbo way of life, he was a man of action whose hot blood would never sit still, a roaring flame who warmed us all with his glow and burned for the Igbo people and their bonds”. “As a young man he threw the cat, and as an elder he was close to the highest title and was prosperous, he had many children to his name, Okonkwo was the model example of an Igbo man”. “An example many of our kinsman turned away from in favor of a new faith. Ezinma and Ekwefi we face the end of our beliefs” Obierika stated. “We must fight then to uphold our culture” Ezinma proclaimed. “We cannot fight anymore” retorted Obierika. “We are the only members left and cannot afford to throw away our lives, why could you possibly want to fight?” “If a child sneaks up and burns me, I sneak up and burn him” That is what my father would’ve done, he would’ve fought using his machete fearlessly chopping at the false God’s children, that’s what a man would do” Ezinma announced. “You are n...

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... you feared being like me, you feared me so much that you let it drive your family apart.” Unoka countered. Okonkwo put his head down in shame. Unoka continued “ Do you think I can’t see the disgraceful events going on in your house, almost shooting your wife, killing your own son, murdering a clansman, murdering another man, then killing yourself! You lived your entire life in strife and now strife is what will befall your family. You were lucky that Enzinma was a girl or you would’ve choked the same spark out of her that Nwoye was born with and you would have another disgraced son who runs so far away from his father that he cannot recognize the man he got his looks from when he looks in the mirror.” Unoka paused “And now we will wait here together until Nwoye comes and keep waiting until a good son comes through our blood line and this string of bad chi is ended.”

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