A Written Training Curriculum That Helps Law Enforcement Deal With Crime Victims

A Written Training Curriculum That Helps Law Enforcement Deal With Crime Victims

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My paper will have a written training curriculum that helps law enforcement deal with crime victims. My paper will cover stranger as well as intimate violence. My paper will enlighten law enforcement on training new recruits, people that respond first, and detectives on dealing with victims. I will talk about the difference between criminology and victimology and the reason that it 's good to have knowledge of both of them. My paper will talk about why it 's important to know the proper treatment for a victim. The first scenario I will be talking about is stalking. A lady and a few of her friends went to a bar and hung out. While being in the bar with her friends a fella came up to her to ask if he could buy her a drink.

She let the guy buy her a drink and he wouldn 't leave after that. He just hung around her and her friends for the remainder of the night. She went back over were her friends were only to be followed by him. She pulled him over to the side to tell him thanks for the drink but that she wasn 't interested in anything else with him. He left but ended up following her home without her knowledge of it. The questions I have for the stalking scenario are: Why did the guy feel the need to follow the woman home?, Why did she accept a drink from him?, and Did she like him? The second scenario I will be using is intimate violence. I recently saw this scenario in my store. There was a man and woman that pulled up in a Dodge. They came into the store ...

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.... A Crime Victim Specialist (

CVS ) is a program that helps the police and the agency for crime services to help with victim needs. The Crime Victim Specialist ( CVS ) helps with crisis intervention, counseling for a while, planned for safety, and information for the criminal court procedure. The general 's office in New York helps with finding services for victims and also helps with paperwork that compensates the victims. It allows law enforcement to know how they should and shouldn’t treat a victim. A victim should get respect and understand no matter what. When it comes to victims it counts when it comes to interviews, service to protection, planning safety, and lethality assessment, it helps when it comes to the treating of the victim.

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