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A Writer's Reflection Essay example

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English is a hard language to learn, for there are numerous elements of effective usage and writing. Many people, including me, struggle in writing because of a lack of knowledge. Since middle school, English was not a strong suit of mine. I struggled with the simplest of tasks often taking a considerably longer time to complete a task than the other students. Unmotivated teachers and a lack of interest resulted in remedial writing skills. To put it simply, I had little confidence in my writing and I dreaded taking the class because of the writing involved. In spite of my fears, I took the course and I was able to perfect and challenge my mediocre writing skills.
With the professors’ assistance, I was able to identify the meager strengths in my writing. Although I am rarely satisfied with my writing, the professor typically commented positively on my introductions. This was greatly pleasing, for I have always thought them to be my weakest point. In the majority of my writing, the introductions were a result of extensive revisions. For example, the introduction of my Argumentative Essay was partially written in class, but I was not completely satisfied with it. To improve the introduction, I added several things, such as the example of the McDonald’s commercial. In truth, I believe that these introductions are overanalyzed, where they should be simplified. To choose an acceptable introduction, I have a somewhat long process. If time allows it, I write the introduction, along with the conclusion, last. Since middle school, this was my process. The introduction is much easier to write once the rest is complete and one has the general ‘feel’ of essay. Less than meager, this was the only strength I could personally identify within...

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...r. Another focalizing point is preparation. Unfortunately, I am a procrastinator and I am often ill-prepared, both of which I am attempting to improve. The most dreadful of tasks that I must learn is how to write decent essays ‘on-the-spot,’ so to speak. I am a slow worker, meaning that I write my essays at a leisurely pace. Naturally, the timed in-class essay was difficult for me. I like to take my time and think on the subject for a long time, before committing it to paper. I believe that all of these points are gravely important in writing exceptional essays, whether on the spot or in the home.
This course was very challenging and time-consuming, but it was worth it. Throughout the course, I learned many things and I gained confidence in my writing. I know that I still have more things to learn and overall perfect, but I am a willing and dedicated student.

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