A World Where Performance And Individual Results Matter Essay

A World Where Performance And Individual Results Matter Essay

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In a world where performance and individual results matter, the idea of mutual respect and mutual responsibility often gets thrown to the curb. When this happens, leaders and employees will become myopically on their own needs and success rather than on those of the team. As a result decisions may often be made that serve the few rather than the team, department, or organization as a whole. This poses a significant threat to the leader’s ability to creating an environment that engenders trust. Therefore, a leader must be “well grounded in the principles and practices necessary to create safe space for the soul” (Palmer, 2004, p.75). This cannot be a mere onetime event however, as organizational culture is difficult to establish, but may be eroded quickly through poor choices on the part of the leader.
Blanchard et al. (2007) describes the essence of leadership as “the process for achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well-being of all involved (p.xx). The culture that is created within an organization may promote or inhibit mutual re...

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