Essay on A World That Revolves Around Money

Essay on A World That Revolves Around Money

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At the end of the day, only three factors come into play when determining social class: money, power, and respect. With any of these three determinates acquired, you will be labelled as a bourgeoisie citizen. However, if you do not acquire these aspects, you will be seen as a proletariat. Due to this difference, people are treated unequally. Some are given more opportunities in life, while others are given very few or none at all. In DeNiro's Game, by Rawi Hage, and In the Skin of a Lion, by Michael Ondaatje, the distribution of power is unbalanced, creating a stratified society. The most effective way to analyze these texts is through the Marxist lens, due to the major gap between each of the different classes. The separation between the classes can be seen through their relationships, the rebellion from the proletariat, as well as the actions and results of such actions taken by the characters.
In today's society, a healthy relationship is when both parties respect, support, and care for each other. The status of the relationship does not matter, whether it is a sexual relationship, a friendly relationship, or a professional relationship. A healthy relationship is not achieved in In the Skin of a Lion between Patrick and Clara. Patrick respects Clara, loves Clara and even supports her, but because of their class difference, Clara did not show the same respect, love and support towards him. During their relationship, Clara would constantly tell Patrick "About her plan to join her 'beloved' [Smalls]" (Ondaatje, 79). It is considered a common courtesy not to talk about your past relationship in the beginning of your new one, let alone mention how badly you would like to return to your previous relationship, making her statement ...

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...ouldn’t have leaders to lead us, or companies to sell us goods or even new technology, because no one would want to make it. If we were all equal, we would all be lazy and achieve nothing, which will lead to the end of humankind. The biggest reason people today work so hard is because they want to surpass other people and become more successful in life and in their trade. With that said, do you agree with the people who think we should all be equal, or should we have gaps in our society?

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