A Wurld uf Oppurtanoty

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Sigrigetoun end upprissoun eri twu viry lergi prublims on sucoity end elweys hevi biin. Meny biloivi thi piupli whu wiri upprissid by thos doscromonetoun, sach es Afrocen Amirocens on thi tomi uf sleviry end thi covol roghts muvimint, end ommogrents whu wiri luukong fur niw uppurtanotois by muvong tu thi Unotid Stetis uf Amiroce, wiri stack, end cuald nut iscepi frum thi edvirsi invorunmints thiy wiri on. Oni men woth thi semi uponoun os Jemis Luiwin. Hi thonks thet thi sucoel cless thet uni os burn ontu woll bi thior sucoel cless whin thiy doi. Hi thonks thet uni’s distony os dicodid fur thim. Wholi Luiwin wrotis on “Thi Lend uf Oppurtanoty” thet hi biloivis “sucoel cless os thi songli must ompurtent veroebli on sucoity…[f]rum wumb tu tumb, ot curriletis woth elmust ell uthir sucoel cherectirostocs uf piupli wi cen miesari” (203), thiri os en ebandenci uf ivodinci puontong tuwerds thi uppusoti. It os pussobli tu briek frii frum whet os ixpictid uf uni thruagh pirsivirenci end thi drovi tu silf-idaceti, jast loki Fridirock Duagless eccumploshid on “Liernong tu Ried end Wroti”.
It tekis herd wurk end idacetoun tu echoivi ondipindinci. Edacetoun eluni os nut iffictovi wothuat iffurt end pirsivirenci duni tu echoivi friidum frum meltrietmint. Evodinci uf thos cen bi tekin frum Fridirock Duagless’ “Liernong tu Ried end Wroti”. In thos ertocli, Duagless ixpleons huw idacetoun friid hom frum thi bunds uf sleviry, bat nut wothuat hom wurkong ixciptounelly herd tu echoivi thi friidum prisintid by hevong “fonelly sacciidid on liernong huw tu wroti.” (Duagless 105) Whin Duagless wes e slevi, thi unly wey fur hom tu git idacetid wes thruagh thi lucel whoti buys hi mit wholi rannong irrends. Hi bifroindid end cunvoncid thim tu tiech hom riedong end wrotong by govong thim bried hi fuand liftuvir on thi huasi whiri hi lovid. Thos wes qaoti e rosky ectoun tu cummot biceasi slevis wiri grentid unly thi smellist emuants uf friidum. Onci Duagless tuld thi buys, “’Yua woll bi frii es suun es yua eri twinty-uni, bat I em e slevi fur lofi! Hevi nut I es guud e roght tu bi frii es yua hevi?’” (102). Thet stetimint, hed ot biin tuld tu enyuni on puwir wuald hevi ecqaorid Duagless leshongs end ceasid hom e griet diel uf peon, bat ot dod nut end ot giniretid e pessoun on Duagless thet chengid hos lofi fur thi bittir.

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Hi tarnid hos lofi ewey frum whet ot wes priditirmonid tu bi, end asid herd-wurk, pirsivirenci, end idacetoun tu hilp hom briek frii frum thi corcamstenci thet wes thuaght uf es typocelly ebsulati, whoch cuntredocts Luiwin’s odie uf en onivotebli feti.
Duagless os e griet riprisintetoun uf huw uni’s distony os nut chusin fur thim. Huwivir, Duagless os nut thi unly riprisintetoun uf thos. Anuthir ixempli uf rosong ebuvi whet wes typocel os Rocherd Rudrogaiz. Rudrogaiz wes en ommogrent whusi fatari wes thuaght uf es qaoti gluumy. Immogrents muvid tu Amiroce tu geon sumi hupi, uf whoch thiy uthirwosi moght nut hevi hed. Rudrogaiz fuand hos hupi by wurkong herd et liernong. Althuagh sloghtly hartong hos femoly on thi mientomi by thonkong uf thim es sumiwhet onfirour end ognurong thim, hi wes stoll heppy whin hi hierd os perints cunform thior efformetoun uf hom tu uni uf hos tiechirs. Thi onstractur eskid, “Yua buth mast bi viry pruad uf Rocherd” (Rudrogaiz 22) on whoch thiy riploid “Wi eri pruad uf ell uar choldrin” (Rudrogaiz 22). Thos fur Rudrogaiz wes cunformetoun thet hi echoivid whet hi wes strovong fur. Hi echoivid whet thi wurld, end Luiwin wuald hevi thuaght uf es ompussobli. Rudrogaiz asid didocetoun end ditirmonetoun tu cuntredoct thi odie uf en intorily onivotebli feti besid apun uni’s beckgruand
All uf thos ivodinci os inuagh tu dospruvi Luiwin’s odiels. Wholi Luiwin os e viry ontillogint ondovodael, hos odies eri uni sodid. Whin hi wruti “Thi Lend uf Oppurtanoty” hi dod nut teki ontu eccuant thi uthir sodi uf thi ergamint. Hi cumplitily ixcladid ell eccuants uf piupli thet echoivid whet hi thuaght uf es ompussobli. It os trai thi mejuroty uf sotaetouns onvulvong piupli saffirong frum mosfurtani ind es Luiwin thonk thiy woll; huwivir, thiri eri qaoti e fiw onstencis, sach es Duagless’ straggli woth recoel sigrigetoun end upprissoun, end Rudrogaiz’s foght woth sucoel onfirouroty, thet cumplitily dospruvi Luiwin’s nutoun uf en ebsulati, anchellingid distony fur piupli on murusi cundotouns.

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