A World Of Education By Sherman Alexie And Fredrick Douglas Essay

A World Of Education By Sherman Alexie And Fredrick Douglas Essay

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A world of Education
Imagine growing up in a society where a person is restricted to learn because of his or her ethnicity? This experience would be awful and very emotional for one to go through. Sherman Alexie and Fredrick Douglas are examples of prodigies who grew up in a less fortunate community. Both men experienced complications in similar and different ways; these experiences shaped them into men who wanted equal education for all. To begin, one should understand the writers background. Sherman Alexie wrote about his life as a young Spokane Indian boy and the life he experienced (page 15). He wrote to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and be herd throughout education. Similar to Alexie’s life experience, Fredrick Douglas wrote about his life growing up as a salve and overcoming obstacles to become intelligent (page 118). His life inspired him to encourage people to never stop learning. Both men’s experiences are similar in the aspect that they wanted to learn above all obstacles, but their essays are vastly different.
The first major difference between the two essays is the tone. Alexie uses an abrupt, direct, and somewhat sarcastic tone throughout his essay. An example of his tone can be seen when he states, “I refused to failed. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky. I read late into the night, until I could barely keep my eyes open (page 17). This exert stands out because it emphasizes his passion directly. This example explains the white man’s attitude toward young Indians. It was believed that Indians were unintelligent and were only to be taught the necessary basics of life. However, Fredrick Douglas uses a philosophical or political tone. The basis of his tone is exampled when he speaks about...

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... and stolen us from our homes, and in a strange land reduced us to slavery” (Douglas 121). He uses this analogy to describe why education became important to him. Both authors came from dramatically different environments and ethnical backgrounds, which is why they view education the way they do. Their background helped shape their life story in vastly different ways. Alexie views life in a cocky way, whereas Douglas views life as freedom.
In conclusion, both authors achieved emphasizing their views on reading in a brilliant way. While both men used personal experience and showed a love for education, they both used uniquely different techniques. These techniques include the differences in emotions, ethics, and logics. These two essays both apply to readers because society still does not have a set way to incorporate education for different learning preferences.

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