A Working Relationship Between Citizens And Their Nation Essay

A Working Relationship Between Citizens And Their Nation Essay

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Jeremy Breddan
FYWS 151-03
Professor Dykema
October 28th, 2014
A Working Relationship
It is widely accepted by many that trust is the core of any healthy relationship, whether it be with a boyfriend or girlfriend, parent and child, or a government and its people. Trust is the building block from which all relationships grow and flourish, and when that trust is broken, progress is impeded and the offended party must rethink its priorities. In light of Edward Snowden 's revelations, the American people, and people from other nations such as Spain, Germany, and France, feel betrayed by their respective government as well as the American government. A situation with this magnitude of distrust must be resolved because it fundamentally undermines the relationship between citizens and their nation as well as diplomatic international relations, which would change how the world’s nations would, or wouldn’t, interact with each other.
As in any healthy, working relationship, there was (and is) a conversation about where to go from where we are, feeling betrayed and suddenly alone knowing that the organization we trusted full-heartedly has been spying on us and lying to us. This conversation began and drew momentum from an article written by Siobhan Gorman, Devlin Barrett, and Carol E. Lee of The Wall Street Journal, which details the American people’s desire to curb the spying practices of the NSA and the American government. In response to this dialogue, an American review group representing the government stated that, “the broad goal … was to promote greater government accountability to the public, judiciary and lawmakers” (par. 13) and that “there is no sufficient justification for allowing the government itself to collect and store bulk...

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