Essay on A Working On The Emergency Room

Essay on A Working On The Emergency Room

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A. Working in the emergency room I encounter many patients who come in for psychiatric evaluation, wither it is due to suicidal thoughts or depression. Through the constant training that our hospital puts on, I have learned how to better deal with these types of patients who can be difficult at times.
I have learned that something as simple as listening to a patient and just hearing them talk can help to de-escalate whatever situation that person may be in. I have also learned how to better assess these patients and help provide them with other resources that are needed, like depression related support groups or counseling.

B. During my time as a nurse in the emergency room, I have noticed an increase in overdose related cases. The patients that are usually involved in these cases come from broken homes and poverty stricken areas. My most recent experience in regards to this was this month (02/2016).
As of recently, the government as well as the media, have noticed the struggles and rise in opiate overdoses. Due to this, cities as well as other rural communities have started to provide Narcan to police officers as well as allow pharmacies to sell this product over the counter in an effort to help limit the deaths related to opioid overdoses.
I think that this is a great start to helping prevent death related to this crises, however I don’t think that it is good enough. I believe that healthcare providers need to mitigate the situation better by being proactive and getting out into the field and teaching/following up with patients who have overdosed before. I know personally that my patient who I took care of for overdosing was requesting resources and information that were not readily available to him....

... middle of paper ... to refresh myself on current knowledge or to learn something new. As of November 2015 I recertified as an ACLS provider, which required me to attend a two day course. This course consisted of new studies and teachings in cardiac medicine, as well as hands on training to review and go over new skills that are coming into medicine. During this course, I was also able to learn different skills from the other nurses as well as teach some of the skills that I have learned as a nurse/paramedic.

D. I consider myself to be a transformational type of leader. According to: . I feel that this description fits me well. If a leader leads through hard work, dedication and motivation, I think that it makes for a positive work environment. Every time I go to work, I help to motivate my fellow co-workers and hope to inspire some of them through the actions that I say and do.

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