A Woman Who Has Influenced My Life Essay

A Woman Who Has Influenced My Life Essay

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A woman who has influenced my life in a positive way and who has made a difference in my life is my aunt, Kim Barkey. My aunt has always been someone I could look up too, even from a young age. I always have admired Kim as a positive woman influence in my life. Kim is my mom’s younger half-sister so I have known her my entire life and have spent as much time as possible with her talking about life’s worries, getting amazing advice, and learning how to relax, slow down, and delight in everything life has to offer. Growing up, all kids have periods of time where they are struggling and do not feel comfortable going to their parents, so fortunately I had my aunt for a shoulder to lean on and a hug to make me feel okay again. Kim’s strength, good decisions, and determination have always been something I admire, especially in the past few years. An example would be that 80% of our family have been or are alcoholics, but my aunt has never gotten drunk nor has she ever done any drugs. Although the majority of who I am has come from my parents, plenty of my values and goals have also come directly from my aunt. Kim definitely has been an important influence and also a great role model for me.
To this day I still admire my aunt because although nobody is perfect, she has it all. Kim has a family of three, including a man who truly loves her and a one year old baby who I adore, a good career, and great friends. After many conversations, I know it is not easy wearing so many hats, but I know how rewarding it is for her to not only play the role of mommy, but also have a career, and not only that but to be at home every day to watch her son grow from a baby into a handsome little man. I truly do aspire to have a life like that...

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...house chores, but she will also be the first to tell you how rewarding it is for her to balance all her hats. Comparing Kim to what we learned in class, she has many similarities and differences to our lectures. One example is how she spends more time on housework than her significant other, and also works which does not appear to affect her marital relationship or her child. Sometimes I can see role strain with her, especially when she gets busy at the end of the month, but she is great at balancing everything and doing what is important first, realizing her most important roles are mommy, wife, employee, and then homemaker. Kim sees the differences in genders, leaning towards the nature side of it, saying her son is all boy, but also sees the similarities between the genders as an important part as well, like we discussed in our nature versus nurture chapter.

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