Essay on A woman who has been an agent of change in your community or country

Essay on A woman who has been an agent of change in your community or country

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The position of women in the social order has for all time been a concern all through, along with more or fewer among the humanity. In the previous times, women were for all time seen as an ignorant to the society in term of social workings, or devoting something to society or community. The reasons which they were seen in a lower point of view are because of many religious views while others were just the way life was then. In the past era, the position of a woman in the social order began altering significantly as the lights of the mankind were now released with this brand new progressive era. People began to change their views about women in our society as they began holding jobs, yet still did not receive the same privileges as men. In the recent time the many more jobs were opened to a woman in the work force and they have various option and alternatives for jobs and workplaces. Many individuals think that women belonged in the home, although few still feel that way, yet many women began serving professional jobs as doctors, lawyers, and politicians.

Now today some of the most successful people in the business world are women, as women have even began their own companies. As a result they are having independent thoughts of doing or contributing something towards the nation today. Thoughts are still being reformed in all areas throughout the countries as women were gaining more and more rights and acceptance into everyday life. Women today are capable of doing the jobs men do as we can see in our life; like the same jobs, doing social services and many other activities. Women today do many things for the world and the community to make it a better place; they work towards the social welfare and justice. They work towa...

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.... Dana says that the fifty thousand dollar in award money will go to GPFA to be used to improve their capability to get better with their programs and to additional their get to. The award determination also draws attention to their work, and hopefully helps them to raise extra funds.
In Dana’s point of view, she says; "The prize money will fund our attack on the severe poverty afflicting the 80% of Afghans who depend on agriculture for income, and whose lands and livelihoods have been destroyed by war. We will continue to train agriculture professionals and farmers who suffer from a 25-year knowledge gap, to empower women to own high-income agriculture enterprises, to restore the devastated environment by supporting orchard, woodlot and other tree-based enterprise development, to improve water management, and to strengthen local agricultural institutions."

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