A Woman 's Place Is Throughout The Home ! Essay

A Woman 's Place Is Throughout The Home ! Essay

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“A woman’s place is in the home!” “An education and career are not Godly attributes for a wife and mother!” These philosophical ideals while unspoken, became the essence of my social environment. One of my earliest memories is watching my dad study late into the night, while I pretended to sleep. Sometimes, I would get up and spend time with my dad while asking him a million questions! “Dad, why aren’t ladies allowed to work?” “If I get married, why do I have to stay home and clean the house?” “I want to be like you Dad, I want to go to college and have a good job one day!” My dad’s response was, that if I marry my priorities would be to my husband and being a good mother to my children, I would reply, “then I will not get married!” The inequality I witnessed from men towards women, became my motivation towards a career where I can have greater influence in creating social change and protecting women’s rights.
I grew up in a strict and sheltered home, with no television. Books became my movies; and took my mind places, my environment restricted me from. By reading my imagination grew and I was no longer the oppressed young lady with a bleak future of domestic chores. Yet, I knew that my dreams of education and career would end if I ever fell in love and married. But, fall in love I did! And true to my dad’s words, I married at 15 and quit attending school. I became a dedicated mother to my growing family and housewife to my husband. With four sons by my twenty- second birthday I was for the most part happy, but my thirst for social equality remained unsatisfied. As my children grew and began to start school, I earned a GED and began to take a few college courses.
My dreams and hunger for learning began to find nutrients in my cla...

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...ether to achieve a greater good has become my source of strength and fulfillment. The hardships I have endured on the path to become a legal counselor pale in comparison to living a life unfulfilled and oppressed. A determination for change has been my source of strength and courage to continue. My life has a purpose; my struggles have brought to fruition this purpose that drives me towards my goal. I believe in the biblical phrase, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). When fulfilled with integrity and dedication my position will help to sustain the strength and power of our judicial system and impact future generations.
It is with great pride in my previous achievements and humbleness of heart, that I write this personal statement to accompany my application. I consider it a great honor to apply to the Texas A&M School of Law.

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