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A Woman Is Human By Virginia Woolf Essay example

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"A woman is human. She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, she is never less. Equality is a given. A woman is human.” Vera Nazarian said. Nowadays, gender equality becomes a popular topic; however, the rootstock of inequality between men and women took root since several years ago even in fiction. Shakespeare’s sister, by the name of Judith, is a fictional character that created by Virginia Woolf. Did Shakespeare have a sister? We do not know; however, if she did exist, she would be unnoticed. She definitely existed in fiction that Virginia Woolf describes a story about Shakespeare and what if he had a sister. What kind of life would she have? Would she get high level of education as same as her brother? Would she be a playwright like her brother if they had same talent? Virginia Woolf imagined Judith in “Shakespeare’s Sister” which is a story about how women are treated and what types of opportunities they have in the Elizabethan Age compared to men.
During the time of Shakespeare, his sister would live in a different kind of world compared to her brother. Virginia Woolf imagined Judith, unlike her brother who probably went to the grammar school, where he could learn a lot; sought his fortune in London’s theatre; and finally became successful, her life would be tough. She, a girl who extremely wanted to see the world, and she was as gifted as her brother was, remained at home. She has no chance of getting an education. The only opportunity of learning for her was reading those books her brother left. But, if her parents came in and saw her with those books, they would tell her to do housework instead. Her life was just like the person’s in “ Learning to Read...

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...s arranged by someone else. They could not make their own decisions even for their own life. They did not have the same freedoms that we have today. Today women are allowed to have different opinions and ideas and to do the thing we chose. Though gender equality is becoming more common nowadays, the deep-rooted conservatism still exists.
In conclusion, Virginia created a fictional character, Judith, Shakespeare’s sister, she was down at that time because acting as “an uncommon woman” would let her thought she had gone crazed and killed herself. However, she went against the rules of a common woman and pointed out what she wanted to do. This story reflects the gender inequality problem at that time; simultaneously, it also highlights that women get more and more freedom this day. But the story does not end there, there is a long way to go for the real gender equality.

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