A Woman And Being Black Essay

A Woman And Being Black Essay

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A female belonging to a particular category defines a woman and being black is a member of a dark-skinned people, especially one of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry. A black woman is just a category belonging to a community of color that is the “opposite white”. White the symbol of purity meaning no harm determining that a white woman is a pure female, the opposite of a black woman. There is not a fine line between white and black women. They are both a part of the same “category”, but so different described in dictionaries, media, and society. Black women are angry, fierce, erotic, and curvy. They are the Welfare Queens of human civilization. White woman can be best described as Starbucks lovers, housewives, consisting of a dumb blonde attitude, and more importantly innocent. Stereotypes are only oversimplified images of a particular person, but it has become much bigger than that as everything we do is based on our oversimplified judgment of our own society. As seen through a variety of works this semester, there is no perfect black woman that will ever be accepted in white supremacist America. Instead there is only one type of black woman and she is hyper sexualized, lacks the practice of abstinence, and is never good enough to take part in mainstream society.
Black women’s sexuality begins with enslaved black women’s experiences with white supremacy. There is this pressure that black women have to be careful by limiting their sexual actions and expressions because of the negative stereotypes of their bodies surrounding today’s society. Celebrities in the media like Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj are questioned about their decision to show off their bodies the way they do. One could connect it to the way black women’s ...

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...their individual needs because they know they will be automatically shot down by the government and society. African American women not only struggle at the intersection of multiple forms of marginalization; they also find that their political labor often leaves them mentally and physically less well. Strikingly, these women still continue to fight for recognition as seen through a variety of movements and our very own Mrs. Obama. Many are emotionally destroyed in the process, but it means everything to truly be seen as a human being that dared to be more than the typical black woman. There is no perfect black woman that will be accepted by supremacist America, but that does not mean black women should let the labels define her. Black women should embrace their hyper sexualization, their lack off abstinence, and not care if they are included in mainstream society.

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