Essay on A Wild Process Of Domination Over Land

Essay on A Wild Process Of Domination Over Land

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A wild process of domination over land would arise throughout the following years and until 1850 as the next stage in the American Revolution. This expansion was done by a series of treaties, paying off for territories, battles and even war. The purchased of Louisianan to the French government in 1803 for 15 million was the biggest and most expensive acquirement ever made. It increased the size of the U.S. territory almost to the double. Not really appreciated for part of the Federalists, it exposed a conflict that needed up in the War of 1812. Such a war once again modified, not only the culture, also the view in politics and rules. It put an end to Federalism and form the creation of the two different Republican parties, the Led and the National Republicans. Americas confidence and military strategies were ratified. New generals’ names came to light and also their respect, improving Americas confidence and spirit of domination. The treaty of Greenville and acquisition of Ohio negotiated with the Natives recognized their rights over the land in exchange of their authority to rule, was also a big movement towards the expansion. Pinckney 's Treaty, supported by Jefferson and as agreement with Spain, made the Mississippi River accessible for American trade and opened the New Orleans port . As subsequence of Mexico suspending diplomatic relations with U.S. juts when Texas prepared to join the American Union, the Mexican War occurred.
American military succesess from 1846-1848 with Mexico by the command of Polk , president at the moment help to locked states previosly dominated by Spain as American territory. The government trying to secure from the Atlatic to the Pacific Ocean shortly demostrated a huge warfare knowledge and powe...

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...ll nobly save, or meanly lose the last best hope of earth.” This division of politics, replicated in the nation, would come to be the engine that detonated the Civil War.
The Civil War took place from 1861, all for long years of spilled blood in battles guided by ideals of freedom already seen in the very beginning with the American Revolution, contradicting the ideals of The Founding Fathers. 1865 the war accomplished and fixed its main issue, Union seeding the Abolition of Slavery. The price was high; many American lives were lost on American soil. However, a new and stronger nation emerged. The Civil War was the end of The Revolution and with this, the final step in the creation of our nation. Ratifying the 13th amendment finally guarantee the freedom of all Americans and the final curve of the new creation: The United States of America reinforced and unified.

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