A Wild Journey Not Finished Essay

A Wild Journey Not Finished Essay

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A Wild Journey Not Finished
It has been just about 165 years ago since California had its first convention consisting of 48 delegates in 1849. Thanks to the first convention, the government today is much like the one that was established 165 years ago. Throughout the course of the 165 years California had its first convention, lots of things have changed.
In the 1800’s, specifically 1860’s, something huge was set into motion. Thanks to the “big four” consisting of Leland Stanford, Collis Huntington, Charles Crocker and Mark Hopkins, these four men formed the Central Pacific Railroad in 1861 for the intention of building a rail line across the Sierra Nevada. The railroad was a huge idea that was going to set the world by storm. With a huge idea like this, there has to be a need for financing. According to Ken Debow, the U.S congress made massive land grants and long-term loans available, and not to mention, Leland Stanford had ran and successfully elected as governor of California as well. So Stanford used his office to secure other loans from state government for the railroad...

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