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A Whole New Realm Of Fairytales Essay example

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Discover a Whole New Realm of Fairytales

Maria Tatar is a folklorist and educates scholars at Harvard University. She is well-known author from a variety of her famous articles and scholarly books. One of her best written works is called, "An Introduction to Fairy Tales". In her article she shares her views on how the fairytale genre plays a crucial role among both minor and adult communities. This genre assists in comforting anxious minds and to evolve and comprehend moralities.

In brief, engaging in fairytales leads to a world where struggles do not exist of all ages and to where it creates a connection to in order to relate personal conflicts. In the beginning of the section, Fairytales is one approach where escaping from the cold bitter world is achievable. The distress that accumulates over time can lead children to grab a book and read themselves to discover a new realm to release their and acknowledge their self-worth. (229). Tatar then shifts to the origins of fairytales. The stories told to children are in contrast to the ones told in previous times. They were originally told by adults to adults (230). Fairytales has a healing power that teaches children to better prepare themselves for the future, and helps adults confront hardships. Moving along towards an idea that contrasts fairytales in shaping good morals, some characters displays wrongdoings in order end up with a happy ending (231). Next, fairytales are just pure fantasies and does truly focus on reality to a certain extent (232). However, if morals were not clear enough or connected to the stories, the fairytales were considered meaningless (233). Overall, the stories are set up as a branch that links and to generate a better meaning between the two age group...

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...r a sentence or two. Once we had finished reading a page or two, he questioned me what the pages where about. Due to not being able to understand the book 's vocabulary, he cannot connect the sentences for him to fully enjoy the story.

Fairytales have been around for many centuries, so apparently this genre is nothing new. However, what sparks curiosity among people is how it can vastly affect one 's way of reasoning. Children opening a book and becoming so engaged in reading, completely unattached from his/her physical existence and only focusing on the book 's story growing more intrigued as reaching closer to its climax and eventually finding relief. As they continue to read more frequently, the morals that are written within these books become recalled and models their minds and gains knowledge of an adult world and to comprehend its functions, leading to adults

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