Essay on A Welcome On The Time Period Of 1875-1950

Essay on A Welcome On The Time Period Of 1875-1950

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Welcome to the time period of 1875-1950. This was a time when America addressed significant social justice issues of equal opportunity for its people. Majority of these issues evolved around women’s rights, segregation, and racial inequality. Women’s right dealt with women’s suffrage and their right to vote, segregation dealt with the Jim Crow Laws and racial inequality addressed educational and political policies. Each of these themes closely symbolize a social justice issue because of the inability for certain groups of people to achieve their common human rights.
In the United States, women have historically been treated different and unequally than men. Women have been discriminated in education, labor, and rights to vote. In 1877, women began fighting for their rights to vote after the National Woman’s Suffrage was created. In 1890, the National Association and the American Association merged to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association, where millions of women were able to be represented and display opinions across the country. The association’s purpose was to pressure the Congress in recognizing that women had the same rights to vote as men. They did this through newspapers, pamphlets, broadsides and books. In 1878, a constitutional amendment was proposed, saying that “the right of citizens to vote shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex” (The Women’s Suffrage Movement). In 1890, women at last were allowed to vote in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. The rest of the country was reluctant to conform and in 1912 President Roosevelt started to move things in favor of women. The southern states adamantly opposed the 19th Amendment established in the 1920’s, which g...

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...rturn in Grovey’s favor. A surge of popularity in the NAACP took over in the 1930’s and black business man Antonio Smith formed the State Conference of NAACP in 1937. This conference successfully and rapidly gained political power and popularity amongst all states, exceeding the 1950’s.

From women’s suffrage, to racial segregation to African American inequality each of these events demonstrated major social justice issues of the 1875-1950 time frame. Women had to protest their way for political power. African Americans had to fight for desegregation of school districts to have fair schooling for all races, and lastly, African Americans had to fight for their equality amongst whites when they were pushed out of political power. Without Americans acknowledging these areas, people would not be able to advance in society or have their rights to freedom.

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