A Weekly Paper 8 : Situational, Path Goal, Lmx, Mentoring

A Weekly Paper 8 : Situational, Path Goal, Lmx, Mentoring

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Weekly Paper 8: Situational, Path Goal, LMX, Mentoring: Viren Kheni

Leadership has been examined for a number of years to discover how successful leaders are created. To better understand leadership, researchers have proposed several theories, including the trait, behavioral, contingency, and full-range models of leadership. Behavioral contingencies state the if-then conditions that set the occasion for the potential occurrence of certain behavior and its consequences. There are various Behavioral Contingency models. We have discussed Normative Decision Making model last week. In this paper we are going to discuss about another remaining models: Situational, Path Goal, LMX and mentoring. This behavioral contingency is not only related to leader’s behavior but it also related to situations.
Situational Leadership model works with the characteristics of the subordinates you are working with. This model is well accepted in many companies. Leader’s behaviors monitored in this model are consideration and structuring. Situational Leadership is a popular leadership style introduced and popularized by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey that theorizes the use of different leadership styles according to the situation. The leadership model requires a person to analyze the needs according to a particular situation and adapt to the scenario by using the most appropriate leadership style. Versatility and adaptability are two primary requirements needed from a leader using the situational leadership method, as the leadership style will vary depending on the situation. Depending upon willingness and ability of the subordinates there are four different types of Situational leadership:
Directing – This leadership approach is most appropriate when...

... middle of paper ...

...your team members are experienced, when the task is complex and challenging, and when your team members want to give you their input.
Achievement-oriented leadership – Here, you set challenging goals for your team. You have confidence in your team 's abilities, so you expect your team to perform well, and you maintain high standards for everyone. This style works best when team members are unmotivated or unchallenged in their work.
I would conclude by saying that we have covered all the areas and aspects of leadership that includes trait, behavioral and contingency approaches to the leadership. It is considered that we are born naturally with traits as a part of our personality and we gained several behaviors from our family and surroundings. Its up to us how are we contributing our self to be a better leader it and in which manner are we using it! Thank you! ☺

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