A Week Trip to Thai Pride Phuket Essays

A Week Trip to Thai Pride Phuket Essays

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Bewitching sunset, delightful nightlife, awesome beach fun and adorable lifestyle, these all features in Thailand characterise Phuket Province, the largest island of Thailand on the shores of Andaman Sea. The fabulous Thai holiday destination attracting millions of tourists flying from around the world including Europe, Asia, Africa and America is a genuine delight to visit and a spectacular honeymoon destination with every specification required by newly wedded couple.

When to Go to Phuket
Though the island of Phuket is a year round destination to enjoy fabulous holidays but if one is seeking for the peak season as per the tourism in Phuket, one can visit from November to April when humidity level remains at its lowest and rain gets low to interrupt sunny and soothing days on Phuket Beaches.
For those who are looking for budget holidays in Phuket, Thailand can visit from May to September when tourism gets at its lowest and accommodation as well as flight fares are easy to afford and available. This season includes a great amount of rain and humid days and n...

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