A Week Of Learning And Trusting Essay example

A Week Of Learning And Trusting Essay example

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This week have been a week of learning and trusting in the lord. It all started off with a sister in the word that is less active calling out of the blue and pleading for help. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but I knew that I was the one that needed to help this sweet sister out. I went over and talk to her about the gospel and thing that could help her out. I reminded her of things that she had forgotten due to the lack of going to church. But sitting there talking to her reminded me of thing that I could do better myself. She asked me if I would be willing watch her son the next day to help her thru the problems that she is facing. I was more than willing to help her out to give her a peace of mind. I have talk to this sister many times thru out this week and I’ve been able to see how the lord has helped both of use out thru the tender mercy that he have for each and every one of use. Thru this experience this has humble be so much that other things have come to light for me.

As you may know my husband is out of a job and we at the end of are money that we ha...

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