A Week Discussion : Bug Affairs Essay

A Week Discussion : Bug Affairs Essay

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Fourth week discussion:
Bug Affairs
1. I believe Pennington is trying to convey a message as to how American culture has evolved and how we are much to blame for the recent bedbugs grow that now we plan to eradicate. Moreover, such bugs are deemed as “harmless” by the author.
2. The description of a bedbugs feeding process allows the reader to get a clear picture of how disgusting this bugs are, and it also helps the reader understand the behavior of the bug.
3. The resurgence of bedbugs in major U.S cities is a testament of the increase in international travel and increase sale of second-hand furniture which highlights the progress we have made in moving from one place to another and expanding our horizons for commercial benefits. Perhaps with or without realization we have become the vehicles in which bedbugs travel and the vessel of their feeding. Pennington claims that pest controllers, booksellers and even lawyers have substantially benefited from the bug dilemma. He also makes an interesting statement towards the end where he writes; “This is the bedbug pa...

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