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A Week Alone With Me Essays

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A Week Alone with Me

Day One: In Oakland

“My mother has good taste in men,” you said.
I noticed the Freudian slit in your dress that hiked up your leg, just beyond the fatty muscles of your inner thigh. You were wearing a red dress that left the townspeople covered in blood; it was almost more painful for us to watch you wear it out than it was for you to put on.
“Let’s run away, dish,” you said.
“Sure thing, spoon,” I said.
I put my arms around your body and lifted you while spinning. We both got too dizzy and too drunk from all the spinning and didn’t know which way was up.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t throw you to the moon,” I said.
“You can try again tomorrow,” you assured me before throwing up on my shoes.

Day Two: Last Rites

You sparked up the car and I buried my memories.
I payphoned your mother. I knew she was going to have trouble hearing me over the sound of the screws coming loose – so I spoke slow and steady.
“Call up her boyfriend and tell him she’s going to prison,” I said, “Her last rites belong to me and the thieves.”
“What makes you think you deserve her?” Your mother asked.
“She looked so wholly while standing on the water. She was a hurricane of sanity. She has those thick lips smacking – that tongue that leaves me wet,” I said.
I scratch a 1-900 number into the metal casing around the payphone.
Outside it was raining.
At least it felt like it was raining.
You had convinced me a long time ago that it was usually only raining inside of my head, but my eyeballs couldn’t ever tell the difference. You were so mad that I bought twenty-two umbrellas and stored them in the trunk of my car. You thought everything about me was so unnecessary sometimes.
If only you knew how hard the rain would come down on us....

... middle of paper ...

... ass. It had white tinsel on the bottom. Your leg bones connected at your hips; I had separated them and drew a road map, just so I would remember how to get home.
I looked passed your pupils, passed the shudders to your soul and found the part of your brain that vibrates whether you are alive or dead.
When we fucked that night, the words ‘don’t stop’ were heavy on our tonsils; the words dampened our mouths and kept the bed wet.

Day Eight: The Honor Amongst Us

I told you what I had done for you.
“I beheaded all those thieves; the ones who had done the awful things that made you like this – all awful,” I said.
You started to cry.
“Why are you crying?” I asked.
“For my unborn children and the lies I’ll have to tell them,” you said.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“Leave,” you said, “You can’t go around separating heads from bodies and expect nothing too bad to happen.”

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