Essay about A Way to the Past

Essay about A Way to the Past

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Anne was a simple child who was always looking for a way out of everything. If she was told to do the dishes, she would find every possible thing to do besides the dishes. She was a perfect angel before her mother Clairabeth ‘had an accident’ last year in 2012. Now she is perfect at resisting. That’s where I come in. I have come to tell our fantastic adventure.
She was in the kitchen and her dad was making toast. “Anne darling, will you please get the butter?” She shook her head in disagreement to what her father ordered for her to do. He sighed. Being a single father was hard enough and she made it no easier. “Very well, I’m going to go brush my teeth. I have no time for dawdling. I’ll be right back.” He left the room in a hurry leaving Anne sitting alone.
Anne was tired because she woke up very early, so she decided to go ahead and put her head down to rest. She was sound asleep when she heard her father shout. Anne jumped up and ran upstairs. She loved her father very much and wanted nothing bad to happen to him. She didn’t want it to end up like how it did with her mom. When she reached the top of the stairs, her heart was beating. She had an instinct that something horrible was going to happen.
Finally, she got to the bathroom and all she saw was the mirror swirling clockwise with a purple light glowing. It was very windy. Without thinking, she jumped into the mirror with nothing going through her mind. Anne was confused after 20 minutes of complete darkness, she tried to walk but she realized that she was falling down a black hole. She didn’t know when it would end. She had so many questions! Where was her father? Where was she? When would she hit the ground?
She hit the ground softly about an hour later. It was dusty. T...

... middle of paper ... seen him. She described him to people on the street for 2 hours until she found a woman. She had kind brown eyes, soft blonde hair, and wore a hat with a big flower on it. She walked up to her slowly, as if she were a goddess. “Have you seen my father? His name is Kane Runser.” The woman had tears fill her eyes and said, “You must be Annabelle.” The woman introduced herself as Claire. She took Tommy and Anne and went to her home. By the fire, was Anne’s father. “Daddy!” Anne screamed.
Claire smiled and started crying. When she calmed down, she cleared her throat. Kane, Anne’s father, looked at Anne with a more serious look and said, “Anne honey, this is not Claire. This is Clairabeth, your mother.” She took off her hat and let down her wavy hair. Anne couldn’t believe it! This is where her mother got trapped! The whole family was together again and all was well.

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