Essay on A Waterfall Starts But With One Drop, And Look What Becomes Of That

Essay on A Waterfall Starts But With One Drop, And Look What Becomes Of That

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“A waterfall starts but with one drop, and look what becomes of that.”
A young British boy named PK, born and raised in South Africa is defending justice and dignity with courage. Fighting for humanity and equal rights is the main issue shown in this movie. It shows the unbeatable power of many when they unite together. Through a number of metaphor dialogues used the message is passed clearly to the viewer.
When PK was born his father had passed away and he was living in a farm with his mother and a Zulu nanny whose son was also his best friend. PK’s mother teaches him about England and his nanny teaches him about Africa. After a while the cows who worked in the farm got ill and died. Pk’s mother gets depressed over it and gives in to a nervous breakdown. While she recovers, PK is sent to a boarding school run by Afrikaners. Being the only British in a school full of Dutch South Africans, PK had a hard time getting bullied by other students. PK gets depressed and feels lonely among the other student in boarding school in the result of all this bullying.
PK tells his nanny about hi...

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