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A Walk in the Clouds Essay

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When considering a source to consider, when looking for films that portray Latin American lifestyle or values, I choose one film in particular. A Walk in the Clouds, directed by Alfonso Arau came to mind. When one watches this film, it is plain to see the interaction and struggles between a traditional Mexican family and the lifestyle of a United States California lifestyle. I have watched this particular film in the past, but now with a different pair of lenses to watch through, it became more exceedingly distinguished to my new found perception of Latin America. Unknowingly to myself, I did not know that the director was the same who directed Like Water for Chocolate. One review describes it as follows, “Alfonso Arau has a somewhat easy time of it in A Walk in the Clouds. The Mexican filmmaker who made kitchens look like boudoirs in Like Water for Chocolate transports that same fairy-tale feeling to this romance set in Northern California.”. With further reflection I can see the connection now after watching the later.
First and foremost, the connection between American lifesty...

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