A Vote for Canadian Content Regulations Essay

A Vote for Canadian Content Regulations Essay

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In order for Canada to share an equal part in the overall media industry as any other country, Canadian content regulations must be in place. CanCon regulations should be enforced on Canadian media content, as it is a crucial aspect of national culture, representative of the country as a whole. Without such regulations determined by CanCon, Canadian society risks becoming lost within the commotion of international media and their varied interests.
CanCon regulations not only help define Canada as a unity but help the creative Canadians that express themselves through musical expression. David Young states, “According to the CRTC, the higher requirements would expand the exposure given to Canadian artists and provide increased support to the Canadian music industry.” (Young, 2004) Therefore, in order for the Canadian music industry to expand and become successful there must be government intervention of content regulations. This is reinforced in the article The government steps in, “Without government support, the number of Canadian films, records and television shows would be much lower than it already is.”(1995) If CanCon regulations are not in place the amount of Canadian works will contract until one day there are none left. Hence, Canadian culture being lost within many other cultures. Shedd et al. state that having CanCon regulations in place “Could promote greater national unity. Similarly, it could promote a distinct Canadian culture, and as a result, a greater national identity or pride.”(Shedd et al. 1990) This helps to enforce that with CanCon regulations put in place the Canadian culture can be truly identified through television, films and music.
Although CanCon helps the innovative individuals in Canada in regards t...

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