A Visit That I Decided With Gurdeep 's Four Years Old Hispanic Female Client

A Visit That I Decided With Gurdeep 's Four Years Old Hispanic Female Client

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A visit that I would like to discuss was with Gurdeep’s four years old Hispanic female client in her home. The purpose of this visit was to check if this child has health insurance, and how she was doing after being discharged from the Memorial PICU. The patient lives with her parents and two younger siblings (2 and 1 year old brothers) in a rental house. They moved from Texas a few months ago. Her father is a farm worker, and her mother is a babysitter. For Hispanic population, obesity, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and hypertension are major health concerns (Allender, Rector, & Warner, 2014). Their health concerns are related to the fact that the population is young and has a high birth rate (Allender et al., 2014). Hispanics tend to be present-oriented, which makes it hard for them to keep time schedules or prepare for future appointments (Allender et al., 2014). Hispanics believe that illness may be a form of punishment for their sins, and they cope with illness through prayers and faith that God will heal it (Allender et al., 2014).
During this visit, we completed the child’s completed physical assessment, vitals, 102 form as much as we could to get more information about the home environment and child’s health history. Also, we assessed if the child was up to date on her immunization, has insurance or not, and has been referred to endocrinologist or not yet because she was on growth hormone therapy in TX, which has been discontinued ever since they moved to CA because they didn’t have insurance. The mother stated that they have Kern Family Health Care, and the Child’s physician said that he would send a referral for endocrinologist to the insurance, but the mother said they haven’t received any approval letter from the insurance...

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...opriately and were wearing clean clothes.
I think one of the course objectives that I met was II. During this visit, we examined if the patient and her family needed help with WIC, transportation, or insurance. Also, we examined the physical environment for adequate water supply, safe sleeping area, adequate heating/cooling, and for any safety hazards. The second course objective I met was IV. The first thing we did was that we explained the confidentiality form and asked the mother to sign it. Also, we followed the agency’s policies while conducting home visits, returned records by the end of the day, followed dress code, and followed policies for the use of agency equipment.

Allender, J. A., Rector, C. L., & Warner, K. D. (2014). Community & public health nursing: Promoting the public 's health (8th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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