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Change can be seen as something as simple as switching a favorite color over time, or growing out of a shirt that once fit perfectly. On the other hand, it can also be seen as something incredibly substantial, such as moving to a new country or even expecting a baby. Either way, somehow difference is present in whatever it is that is changing. Personality and habit changes occur during every person’s lifetime; some are much more notable than others. In Jennifer Egan’s novel A Visit from the Good Squad, she begins and ends the story with the character of Sasha. Further, over due time Sasha gains much needed redemption from a long-lasting stealing problem. Sasha is the character that changes the most throughout the novel as shown by the end to her constant stealing, her return back to education after her work in Naples, and her ability to put her past struggles behind her when becoming a mother.
Sasha is the first character that the reader is introduced to when beginning the novel. From the very start, it is made clear that her stealing problem plays a big part in her life. Not only does having a discussion with a therapist, Coz, about it show readers this, but the extent of the conversation they have together shows emphasis on the matter being significant. The novel states, “…her condition (as Coz referred to it) had begun to accelerate: five sets of keys, fourteen pairs of sunglasses, a child’s striped scarf, binoculars, a cheese grater, a pocketknife, twenty-eight bars of soap, and eighty-five pens, ranging from cheap ballpoints she’d used to sign debit-card slips to the aubergine Visconti that cost two hundred sixty dollars online, which she’d lifted from her former boss’s lawyer during a contracts meeting” (Egan 4). Listing the...

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...contrasting when she was young and naïve to her now grown up self.
Overall, the Sasha seen at the beginning of the novel is a completely different person than the Sasha that is seen at the end of the novel. Her overwhelming character development throughout the story shows how substantial her change was, which is why she is the character that changed most out of everyone. She is able to break past the barriers of an incredibly long-term stealing problem, while also getting her way at an education and eventually taking on her new role as a mother. While these changes may have had people helping her along the way, ultimately she is the one that had to make the big steps to accept her issues and later fix them. Sasha proves to readers that her past does not define her and that it took time, but she is a very noticeably different person than when she was first introduced.

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