Essay about A Visit At My Country

Essay about A Visit At My Country

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A trip to my country
I had always wanted to visit my country where I born, and I grow up part of my life. In June I had the opportunity to go and see my old friends and family for two weeks and maybe to work there for couple days like I did back in the time.

My friend drove me from Wyoming to the airport them I flew from there to Atlanta I was waiting couple minutes to take the other plane to my beautiful country Honduras. I was so exiting and I afraid at the same time because it was the first time that I was getting out of the USA and I was afraid because I had heard before that Honduran people have to be a twenty one years old to travel by then self if you are under the age of twenty one you can travel with a adult or have a recommendation letter from your parents explaining that he give you permit to travel but also the letter have to be signed by a lawyer if not emigration is going to hold the person. By the way I did not have any problem to get to Honduras.

I flew from Atlanta to Honduras and I got there at 12am Friday morning and I was so exiting to be there after four years. I got to airport and there was my friend waiting for me to pick me up and take me the central station, but first I had to borrow a phone and called my dad to go to pick up to Santa Barbara the city that he always go. I called him to go to pick me up but he was working because he did not know that I was going to Honduras and he didn’t believe me first that I was there, I called him for three times and he told me who is ,this time and I told him am your son then he call my friend to know if I was his son and he told him that was me. After I had to way for my bus I went to eat with my friend and talk about how was his family and friends, we finish ...

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.... I had amazing time there because I saw all my friend and family and who love me so I had to leave to the capital one day before to flew here but there was a problem that police had close the main road there because a teacher did not wanted to teach to seventy students, so no cars could not go thru there so I had to walked like two miles and there was a dog that almost bite me. I got to the airport next day to flew here and there was a problem and I worried a lot there because emigration told me you cant go to the USA because I did not had my recommendation letter signed by a lawyer so after couple minutes they told me they can let me go but first they had to call my dad and I was sacred because my father did not answer the phone the first two times but finally he answered and he told then that I was with traveling with his permission and they let me go.

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