A Vision Without Action Is Merely A Dream Essay

A Vision Without Action Is Merely A Dream Essay

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“A vision without action is merely a dream.” (Kevin Gates) The Army Profession Model is a great vision but if we do not fixed the basics in our upbringing of Soldiers then it will only be a dream. Imagine a panoramic view of an early morning sunrise over a military base. The sun is starting to burn off the morning dew. Formations of soldiers are starting to pop into the picture. Each soldier is in uniform dress sharp and moving as a single unit. Some formations are double timing moving out. Everyone has a purpose and stepping off to get to his or her next obstacle of the day. All Non-commissioned officers are enforcing nothing less than exceeded standards. Soldiers are toe to line in formations for inspection. Senior Non-commissioned Officers are walking the line looking for deficiencies. Now wake up! Snap out of this dream. This is not Hollywood. I feel we are not breaking our Soldiers down during entry. More times, than not new Soldiers show to the unit and are strongly versed in what they think is “Army Law”. Soldiers have become barracks lawyers and Soldiers that always feel they need to have a debate there marching orders. What does the future Soldiers really need for a strong Army Profession foundation? What is Army Profession to our Soldiers? What defines Army Profession? Our Soldiers now and future need a strong sense of respect, discipline, and standards to answer all three of those questions. Soldiers brand new to the unit do not have respect for the heritage, which the Army has. There is no respect or honor for those who have paved the way for them. Discipline perceived as a negative word. A supervisor has to know and understand all legal ramifications before, during, and after trying to instill...

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... of our beloved Army are the potholes in said road. To make the army professional we have to fill these potholes as a road crew would. Fill it with asphalt. Form the road to match. Sign off the work when it has met all standards. For a soldier we need to fill with discipline. Pack it down to be a strong core. Form each one to have respect for everyone and to more importantly to respect themselves. Sign off when they have met the standard. Send them to schools and most importantly promote them. The army has set the standard. We have history full of worriers, great NCOs that overcame adversity while engaged with the enemy. They could not have done any of this if not been forged out of discipline, respect, and standards from the start of training. Without these three basic crucial steps, our Army Profession will be nothing but a vision that we all dream.

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