Essay on A Vision Of True Beauty

Essay on A Vision Of True Beauty

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Through the course of Plato’s dialogues, his vision of Eros evolves through different stages. Socrates says that the path to achieving a vision of true beauty is to follow stages which will lead to the highest form of beauty, through the development of reason. The author David Roochnik explains that “Philosophy attempts to articulate the vision of beauty itself and thereby to satisfy the highest human desire. Only beauty itself, understood as an object of human Eros, can produce a satisfying logos. Unlike all others, philosophical logos does not run out” (146). To Plato, physical beauty is external and therefore ephemeral. True beauty lies in the pursuit of wisdom and values that are beyond the boundaries the human physical senses – like seeing or hearing – can conceive.
Revering physical beauty is like revering the beauty of an object. It has no other characteristics other than its outer beauty. Although not a bad thing, it is a false interpretation of true beauty if that is what one is seeking and can lead to frustration. One might find another beautiful for their physical attributes, but once he/she gains knowledge of their inner attributes and realizes their soul is not as beautiful as their outer shell, they will be frustrated and out of love. This realization of reality can lead to anger and disillusion. The love for a person’s physically beauty is sensed with the eye and therefore takes away the focus on finding the true meaningful beauty of the soul, which, in its purest form, cannot be sensed by any other external senses but by the mind alone.
Through the view of the philosophers, true beauty of the soul is attained by quest of wisdom and truth. When one goes about this path, he/she acquires virtues that beautify their...

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...end the earthly political matters.
Socrates’ wisdom makes his soul beautiful because of its content. Not just because of how much knowledge he has, but most importantly because of his humbleness and courage. He possesses so much valuable and deep knowledge of life but yet, does not believe himself to be the wisest man alive. The beauty of this characteristic is that he seeks more knowledge because he believes he does not know anything. He preaches to others in order to enlighten them and share ideas with others and hopefully, to find another individual who will shed even more light on his knowledge. What also makes him beautiful is his courage to desire past the superficialities of Athenians virtue and live his life in search of true virtue, even if it goes against the principles of his time and cost his life. Socrates’ virtues define true and everlasting beauty.

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