A Vision Of Teaching And Learning Essay

A Vision Of Teaching And Learning Essay

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There are three essential components that resonate with me when establishing support for a vision of teaching and learning of a school that is consistent with the overall vision and goals of the district. The first is to establish data from all stakeholders and use the data to drive the process to the creation of the vision. This first step is crucial so that all stakeholders will feel included and avoid unanticipated circumstances when problem arrives. The more people involve in the process, this creates transparency as well as allow issues to be discovered early and find solution for them to be successful in implementing the district goals. Second, a leader needs to be able to articulate the vision to all stakeholders so that the vision is inclusive and encompass concrete ideas that can easily be accepted and supported. This step is crucial to build buy in to the vision and establish coherent focus with specific strategies to meet the vision of teaching and learning. The third is to develop mentor leaders that will help guide the process of implementing the vision and build the structural support to encompass change. Mentor leaders are essential to support the learning and teaching goals, as changes in administration will still allow for the vision to move forward and sustain over the long run.
My experience is that programs, which are being pushed top down often does not work because there is no buy in from all stakeholders. The lack of people involved often lead to issues such as jet pads integration without piloting cause a lot of confusion among teachers. My experience of transitioning through five administrators in a period of five years, the vision of learning and teaching has changed from one administration to t...

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...ness. With clearly defined goals, this would make it easier for administrators to articulate the vision to all stakeholders. Perhaps the most important component that moves school would be mentor leaders. This is to solicit collaboration in building knowledge, strategize in program implementation, and develop executable plans that are more prone to errors because the process is much more inclusive with teacher leaders that are respected by the school staff leading the charge in building the school culture and expectations. By having department chairs or instructional leaders in a school, this can help speed up communication to all staff and provide the sense that their opinions are heard and included in the district’s vision of learning and teaching. Having great instructional leaders would ensure the effectiveness of program implementation over the long run.

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