A Virtual Representation Of The Real World Essay

A Virtual Representation Of The Real World Essay

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Stella Adler, an american actress, said “The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation” (brainy quotes). Adler points out the importance of how theatre is a virtual representation of the real world and day to day situations. The message sent through theatre is absolutely amazing. World premier drama by Bruce R. Coleman, Daylight, was an outstanding play that challenges the ideas of how we get to happiness and how we become the people we were meant to be.
Daylight was an absolute beauty of a play that processed a strong message to the viewers. Daylight was drama written by Bruce R. Coleman. The setting was a small town in the late 1800’s. The small town was in the middle of nowhere going through a horrific blizzard. The actors were Ada, Caleb, Natty, Minnie, Micah, Kate, Harris, and 2 strangers. Ada was an old widowed woman that had 4 kids: Caleb, Natty, Micah, and Aaron. Caleb looked after Ada because Aaron had gone missing for a while, Natty was the youngest child, and Micah was about to have a kid with Kate. Aunt Minnie was also a widowed woman that lived in town and was visiting Ada’s house. The brothers did not get along so well and were constantly arguing. They were all frightened at the blizzard that was happening because they believed that they had lost Aaron, the other brother, because of the horrific blizzard. In other words, the blizzard served as a threat to bring the family apart. Notice how when I introduced the actors, I said “2 Strangers” That was because those 2 strangers were a surprise in the play. It was Aaron and his african american wife going back to their home. The whole poteet family thought Aaron was dead and held grudges because he said “I came to take my spot in t...

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...ow that this play in particular, is full of high level acting. Bruce Coleman said, "I have always been interested in what makes us happy as individuals inside a familial construct" (BWW News Desk). Daylight overall, has had great reputation so far. The atmosphere of the play is absolutely beautiful.
The Daylight play was a great event that was full of nothing but outstanding things. The actors had such a great impact on the viewers. It’s a great event to go out and watch on a brightful day. It really does change the mood of how one is feeling. I related to many of the characters in so many different ways. Everything was great, It was hard for me to point out the negatives in a play that received first place in a competition. My interest for theatre has rapidly increased thanks to the great work from directors and everyone who came to together with the play Daylight.

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