Essay on A Virtual Generation: Social Media´s Negative Impact on Our Generation

Essay on A Virtual Generation: Social Media´s Negative Impact on Our Generation

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In a world full of technology, it is tough to escape the grasp of social media as it has been incorporated into our everyday lives. We almost instinctively pull out our cell phones in the middle of a dull conversation and glance at our Instagram feed without a second thought. Many of us are guilty of spending unreasonably large amounts of time without even acknowledging it is a problem. What if these small actions are leading to a misconception of what society should be. In the end, are the risks severe enough for the problems to stop? What if social media is affecting our relationships with others, our grades, and our privacy? In many ways it is. Social media is negatively impacting our generation.

“We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. And yet we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection.”(Turkle, 1) The increase of social media has affected communication and relationship skills in a negative way. In our modern world, face to face relationships are overlooked, they are obsolete, a skill of the past. Face to face communication is being lost through our devices, social media, and the development of new technologies. The concern now is communicating by text is preferred by people over face to face conversations. “Coffee dates are things of the past; now if a person wants to get to know someone better, he or she can just comb through their Facebook profile to find out their interests.” (Loch, 1) When we learn things about people through social media and the internet, there is no emotional connection. We cannot sense the tone in their voice, facial expression, or whether the information is true. These things are not present while texting- we cannot tell how things are being said and a mi...

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