Essay on A View of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Violins

Essay on A View of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Violins

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Antonio Vivaldi is a famous Italian baroque composer, known by most Suzuki violin students who study his concertos or by audiences everywhere who have heard and love his composition of the Four Seasons.  Having grown up as students of the Suzuki Violin Method, we recognize this composer and have experience performing his pieces.  In addition to his many concertos written for solo violin, Vivaldi composed many concertos intended to be performed by two solo violins, accompanied by a small orchestra.  Because we are both violinists, we chose to analyze the second movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Violins in A minor, RV 522, included in his L’Estro Armonico works.
According to Michael Talbot, of Grove Music, as well as the liner notes from the Analekta Classical Music CD, Antonio Vivaldi was born to Giovanni Battista and Camilla Calicchio in Venice in 1678.  Giovanni made a profitable living as an accomplished violinist, and became Vivaldi’s main instructor from an early age.  The oldest of nine children, Vivaldi led the way in studying music, and became the most musical of his siblings.  Vivaldi spent much time learning about and preparing to be ordained to the office of a priest.  In 1703, he was ordained a priest, but resigned after just a year due to his acclaimed medical limits (Heller 38-40).  For his entire life, Vivaldi struggled with the effects of bronchial asthma and was unable to play wind instruments.  Though his asthma was a real issue, there is some question about the actual reason of his resignation.  He was often rumored to leave a Mass when inspired with new musical ideas.  After serving as a priest, Vivaldi was hired by the Ospedale della Pieta, one of four learning institutions intended for orphaned, abando...

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(Grove Music counts as a book source.)

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