A Vegetarian Diet Is Unhealthy For The Reason Essays

A Vegetarian Diet Is Unhealthy For The Reason Essays

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Numerous people believe that a vegetarian diet is unhealthy for the reason that one is not consuming enough protein since there is a decrease in the consumption of meat. However, meat is not the only source of protein. Nuts and grains contain great amounts of protein, and by eating these in the place of meat, one not only gets protein, but avoids the harmful carbohydrates and fats that are in animal meats. Consuming supplements can also help gain nutrients if the diet is not providing enough. There are countless amounts of nutritional supplements that one can purchase, including fish oil and omega 3s. These can be fairly cheap if purchased at the right place, and easily give bodies the nutrients they crave to function.
Vegetarians tend to be healthier than those who consume meat. This is due to the prevalent unnatural chemicals used in the processing of meats, and eating these are unsuitable for the body. Meats already contain harmful amounts of cholesterol, and over-consumption of red meat can lead to early heart disease. Animals that are raised on farms for their meat are not treated well, and this mistreatment can lead to harm in the meat they are producing. Although one life choice cannot change one’s environmental impact. To help the environment to the fullest, one must construct conscious choices to help. All of a person’s actions change the world, not just one. A healthy lifestyle inspires others to be healthy, and can form a better planet. If more people do not become vegetarians soon, the planet may die out.
A study in 2005 made by German Cancer research Center shows vegetarians do not live longer, and this was a myth. However in 2012, a review of over 120 thousand people declared those who consume red meats...

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...ories have unquestionably dangerous jobs. On average, meatpacking workers are injured at a rate of 27.6 per 100 workers- double the average of all manufacturing workers. Human rights watch called meatpacking the most dangerous factory job in America. To help those who work in this industry, it would be wise to try to raise the safety rules. Living off a vegetarian diet might not help as much as needed, but it would still help. However, even though working in a factory is dangerous, does not mean the work should not be done. According to the US Department of Labor, the occupation with the highest mortality rate in 2009 was construction work, followed by truck drivers. Arguably, vegetarians can help these workers by removing their jobs all together. This may also cause problems seeing that the workers will have no job to do, which is worse than having a dangerous job.

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