A Vampire With Their Tattoos And Wings Essay

A Vampire With Their Tattoos And Wings Essay

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At the week’s end, Cinder said goodbye to the three and wished them the best. They invited her to come and see them. In return, she invited them to come back and spend time with her.
Cinder missed Shadow; nevertheless, she was surprised, and happy with herself that she had figured out how to tell the difference between her kind and the humans. Now she had to figure out who was who in her own world.
Tazzy went out with her on the weekends to practice distinguishing between the different creatures. She had already gotten down the Delphi, and the Werewolves before Shadow left. She had figured out how to tell if someone was a Vampire with Asa’s help.
While a Vampire could hide most individualities they couldn’t hide their fangs when saying the letter L fortunate for them humans didn’t know to look for fangs; thus, never noticed. Now that she knew what to look for it made it easier. Fays after they are turned are easy to spot with their tattoos and wings. The Servants are undetectable. Then she had found a telltale sign for the Christmas Trolls, which was creepy. She had to flash a mirror, or anything reflective toward one, and their reflection would show an image of a slimy, wart covered, green troll. The werewolves had a different sheen to their skin, being only a meat eater. It had taken some time to figure it out; nevertheless, it came natural to her now. The Wizards couldn’t control the desire to use their powers, thus never mingled with the humans. That was one species she didn’t have to worry about identifying, no matter the Wizards seemed to be flashy and like to make an entrance.
Cinder felt it was time to take a break. If nothing else, she could always sense the difference between human and one of her kind because of th...

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...t his face was not coming up. She was ready to panic, and thought may be Tazzy was right and the Iso club was not a good place for her to hang out.
When he informed her, “I was the guy standing outside your apartment complex the night that guy, husband/boyfriend?” He paused allowing her time to answer his question.
Cinder was so glad she could say, “No, neither, only a friend.”
Nix developed a huge smile at her answer making it obvious it pleased him, and continued. “Carried you running down the street, at first I thought he was kidnapping you, so I followed to make sure you were okay. Then I almost lost you when he picked up speed, I pride myself on being fit; however, I was unable to keep up. I was so glad to see that he had stopped and carried you inside when he did, or I may have not been able to keep up,… I’ve never witnessed a man that could run that fast.”

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